Monday, November 21, 2011

Kayaking Lakes of Killarney

Still Waters of Lough Lein, with Torc and Mangerton in the background

We had a great kayaking Killarney National Park on 16th November, it was one of the best days of the year, zero wind, blue skies and a beautiful sunset. We started the day kayaking from the car park, really the car park as the lake was the highest it has been this year. We kayaked along the paths that normally have walkers, cyclists and jaunting cars there. Stopped off on Innisfallen Island where we spotted about 25 Sika deer. Next was past Governers Rock, .the old Copper Mines and back around Ross Island to the canal that leads to Ross castle. For more infomation on kayaking on the Lakes of Killarney, see under kayaking with Irish Adventures.