Monday, March 10, 2008

Winter Skills Scotland

Mountain skills training courses.

Photo from Twelve Bens, Mountain skills 1 training in Galway, Feb 2008

Mountain skills 1 Training courses. Photo Dingle Peninsula MS1 training 5,6 Jan

Recently we have had some very good mountain skills training courses. We are glad to see that we are offering a mountain skills 1 training course every month in Kerry and sometimes two a month, mountain skills training in Galway has also been very popular and we are back up there again on 19 and 20 April for Mountain skills 1 training Galway, there will be a follow up of Mountain skills 2 training in Galway on 24th and 25th of May. Below are dates of upcoming mountain skills training courses with Irish Adventures. Also is a few comments that our clients have said about their experience of mountain skills training.

Mountain skill 1 Training courses.

5,6 April Kerry,

12,13 April Kerry,

19,20 April Galway,

17,18 May Kerry,

7,8 June Kerry,

28,29 June Kerry.

Mountain skills 2 course are on:

March 29, 30 (Kerry)

April 26, 27 (Kerry)

May 24, 25 (Galway)

June 21, 22 (Kerry)

"Very informative weekend. Good ideas and tips for Hillwalking" MS1 Galway

"Excellent course. Very clear and easy to follow. Makes hillwalking more manageable" Galway MS1

"Excellent course. I learned so much in two days. The pace was excellent and I will do MS2 as soon as possible" 'Aiden O Brien, Cork.