Monday, January 26, 2009

Mountain Skills Training Course Kerrry Cork Galway Wicklow, Mountain skills1, Mountain skills 2 and Mountain skills assessments dates

Mountain skills training and assessment dates for Irish Adventures for 2009

Mountain Skills 1 Training Dates, prices and course information

Locations: Dingle, Killarney, Co. Kerry. Cork, Wicklow, Connemara, Clifden, Leenaun, Co. Galway or other areas on request

MS1: This course includes map-reading and simple navigation techniques, recognition of natural features, distance measurement and timing of walks. Mountain hazards are also covered, as is personal equipment such as correct clothing and emergency equipment.
- non-residential 145 euro
- residential 185 euro (1 night) 225 euro (2 nights) per person sharing.
Dates: Available on request, please contact us.

Dates: Mountain Skills 1

24 & 25 January, Clifden, Co Galway7 & 8 February, Killarney, Co Kerry
28 Feb – 1 March, Kerry
28 & 29 March, Macroom, Co. Cork
18 & 19 April, Wicklow
25 & 26 April, Kerry
9 & 10 May, Galway
23 & 24 May, Kerry
27 & 28 June, Kerry
8 & 9 August, Kerry
5 & 6 September, Galway

MS2: This course builds on MS1. It covers the use of a compass, route-planning and the preparation of route cards, night navigation, scrambling/ steep ground, mountain rescue and emergency procedures.

Dates Mountain Skills 2 Training
31 Jan & 1Feb, Leenaun, Co Galway
21 & 22 March, Killarney, Co Kerry
28 & 29 March, Macroom, Co. Cork
16 & 17 May, Galway
23 & 24 May, Kerry

Dates; Mountain Assessment

MS Assessment: The third block is a consolidation of skills learnt in MS1 and MS2, and is an opportunity for candidates to test their mountaineering proficiency to a prescribed standard. MS assessment is held over two days, and comprises both written and practical evaluation, including a night navigation exercise. Candidates wishing to undertake MS assessment are required to maintain an official BOS logbook of their mountaineering activities, and to have logged at least 14 walks in a number of different upland areas of Ireland. At least four of these walks should be within two months of MS assessment.

Dates 2009:

25 & 26 April, Kerry

- non-residential 180 euro
- residential 220 euro (1 night) 260 euro (2 nights) pps

Guided trips of Carrauntoohil 3414ft/1040m

Nearly there, but the views are def worth it,

What else would you want to be doing on your birthday than a classic climb of Carrauntoohil

Carrautoohil 23rd Jan